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Moana Tsum Tsums are a Tidal Wave of Fun!


If you love the new movie Moana, you’ll love the Tsum Tsums.  The title character’s Tsum Tsum is notable for her long hair and nice details including her necklace and the embroidered flower accent.  The demigod Maui has some really soft and fluffy hair, but what I like best is the tattoos his chest.

The three mischievous Kakamora pirates show their mutinous intent with their embroidered eyes, and look as though they’re ready to create havoc.

Speaking of havoc, the clueless Hei Hei is adorable with the felt feathers on top of his head, his wings, and his tail.

Tomatoa has a “crabby” expression, and his shell is done with a shiny material that really makes it stand out.  Speaking of shells, the turtle is cute and the symbol on his back is another nicely embroidered detail.

My favorite of this series is Pua the pig.  He’s just so squeezable, and I love his ears.

This collection is bound to be a classic, just like the movie.  Pick it up at your local Disney Store or at www.disneystore.com.


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