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Marvel Avengers Have Assembled Online and In Disney Stores






On Tsum Tsum Tuesday Disney released the Marvel Avengers Tsum Tsum collection. The new Tsum Tsum Collection features 4 medium Tsum Tsum ($12.95 each) and 6 Mini Tsum Tsums ($4.95 each). The mini Tsum Tsum collection features Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Thor while the Medium collection features Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hulk. Be sure to pick up these new Tsum Tsums while supplies last.

avengers assemble


Avengers Fun Facts

1. Captain America Wasn’t Part Of The Original Team

2. There have been over 80 Avengers characters

3. Ultron recites “No Strings On Me” from the Walt Disney film, Pinocchio, in the Avengers Age of Ultron Movie.

4. The code name for The Avengers was Group Hug

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