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A look at the Jakks Pacific Disney Tsum Tsum Series 8 Checklist!


Disney Tsum Tsum Series 8 3-packs by Jakks Pacific has started to surface.  Just like previous releases a checklist has been included in each 3-pack revealing the Tsum Tsums that can be found in series 8.  Below is a look at the checklist which feature new Tsum Tsums of Hei Hei, Maui, Rajah, Gaston, Flik, Santa Jack, Thomas O’Malley, Rolly, Rafiki and Heimlich.  Also in series 8 is a medium Gold Dumbo Tsum Tsum as well as a medium Black and White Ship Tsum Tsum.


Look for these new Tsum Tsums at your local Toys’R’Us, Target and other retailers very soon!

Photo credit:Disney Tsum Tsum – Buy, Trade, Sell member Jewel Moon

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  1. I hate the fact they literally have no new small figures, the small figures are the only one’s I collect, Disney seriously need to start upping their games on these figures, otherwise they’re going to lose customers… Hopefully season 9 and 10 will be a massive improvement!!!


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