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Join the new Tsum Tsum Club on Gemr and Connect With Collectors


Disney Tsum Tsum is always looking for new ways to connect collectors to other collectors. The new website, Gemr offers a great new way to show off your collection and even sell some of those extra Tsum Tsums. The site is FREE join and you can sign up using the link below.

Join Gemr Today!!
One of the features of the site is the Tsum Tsum Club. Just a click away the Tsum Tsum Club offers that one central point for collectors to show off their collection to other collectors.


Once you’ve joined, collectors can organize, showcase, buy, sell, and trade their Tsum Tsums on the great new platform. Collectors can even discover what their collections are worth.


So, if you are looking for a new place to talk about your love of Disney Tsum Tsums, be sure to try out Gemr.com today.


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