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It’s Time for Christmas! New Mickey’s Christmas Carol Set to be released Tomorrow!


It’s another exciting release on a very big Tsum Tsum Tuesday tomorrow:  The Mickey’s Christmas Carol Box Set.  This classic holiday story has been told many times, many different ways, and now you can recreate Disney’s cartoon version with this Merry set of Tsums.

The sweet Cratchit family is represented by Mickey as Bob, Minnie as Mrs. Cratchit, and Morty Fieldhouse as Tiny Tim.  Each is all “dolled-up” in the Dickens style costumes.

Of course, Scrooge McDuck is the bitter and lonely Mr. Scrooge, and Goofy is his old partner Jacob Marley, forever in chains.  His nephew Donald is Scrooge’s nephew Donald.  Daisy Duck is the lost love of Scrooge, Isabelle.

The ghosts who takes Scrooge on his life changing journey round out this set.  Jiminy Cricket is the Ghost of Christmas Past, the jolly Willie the Giant is the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Pete (who often serves as Mickey’s foil) is the Ghost of Christmas Future.

This set will likely become a Tsum Tsum classic, so pick yours up tomorrow at your local Disney Store, or online at www.disneystore.com.


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