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It’s a Big Blue World for Tsum Tsum Tuesday!


If you’re looking for some of your favorite characters from Finding Nemo, you can find them tomorrow during Tsum Tsum Tuesday.

Representing the Tank Gang are Gill, Flo, or is it Deb?  Either way, these two helped Nemo navigate his world around the Tank in the dentist office and warned him against his greatest danger.  What was that danger?  Darla!  That’s right, there’s a Darla Tsum Tsum, braces and all.  A menace to fishies everywhere.  Not to worry, the ever helpful and dental curious Nigel the stork is ready to lend a hand or a beak to those in need.

This collection also includes some of Nemo’s friends from Mr. Ray’s school, Pearl and Sheldon.  They seem ready to learn out there in the big blue, they just better watch out, because Bruce the shark is on the prowl.  Are fish friends or food today?  They probably shouldn’t stick around to find out.

Finishing out this collection is Crush’s offspring Squirt.  He’s flying solo here, but since Crush came out with the Finding Dory collection, the pair can be reunited if you pick them up tomorrow at your local Disney Store, or online at www.disneystore.com.


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