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Happily Ever After Starts Here !


Hear ye! Hear Ye! The Royal tsum tsum have been released.

Before Cinderella makes her second debut on the big screen in her new Disney live action movie appropriately titled “Cinderella”.  Disney has released the New Cinderella collection of  9 mini tsum tsum plush. This magical collection includes Cinderella and her “gallant” Prince Charming, her loyal helpers the Jaq, Gus, Suzy, and Pearla , wish granting Fairy Godmother, Faithful hound dog Bruno and the oh so mischievous Lucifer the cat.

Cute Fact # 1: Cinderella is Disney’s second princess.

Cute Fact #2 : Cinderella is the first Disney Princess to share a duet with her true love.

The opportunities are endless to create your own Happily Ever After with:

Happily  Ever After Starts Here !

Cinderella    Prince Charming  Fairy Godmother   Jaques (Jaq)    Gus    Pearla     Suzy     Lucifer     Bruno



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