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Get a Mystery Tsum Tsum Through Disney Movie Rewards


Disney Movie Rewards announced today they were offering a mystery Tsum Tsum for just 300 points. The graphic features Frozen and Toy Story Tsum Tsums but collectors will not officially know what they are getting until they receive their reward.  Click here for more details and order your Mystery Tsum Tsum today.


Disney has turned up the cute on their classic characters with their adorable Tsum Tsum line! Collect them, stack them, hug them, love them! Redeem a mystery Tsum Tsum today and find out which Disney character will be your new cuddle buddy.

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    • I’ve ordered several so I will let you know when I find out. I have a feeling that they will all be different, but I also have a feeling that they will just be the normal Mickey and Friends and Winnie the Pooh collections.

  1. looks like the tsum tsum reward is out of stock/removed from the rewards. should have got more than 3 while we could! hope they bring them back!


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