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First Look at the new Disney Tsum Tsum Series 10 3-packs!


The next series of Disney Tsum Tsum figures by Jakks Pacific are on the way.  Previews and pre-order info for the 10th series has surfaced.  The new series looks to include a number of new Tsum Tsums including characters from Up, Zootopia and Mulan.  The new series will be released in April and can be pre-ordered now on EntertainmentEarth.com.

Order Disney Tsum Tsum 3-Pack Mini-Figures Wave 10 Case from Entertainment Earth!

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  1. I really hope that Disney has made some new small figures for new characters and characters that haven’t had a small figure version yet, so excited for the checklist

  2. I hope with all this new Merchandise coming out when Jodie is on Tele that figures from Series 10 also come out. I am really hoping for the Updated Tenth Planet Cybermen. They should do 5 inch Series 10 Figure Box Sets. For Example: The Pilot-Bill(In Pilot/World Enough Costume) Heather(as pilot) 12th Doctor(Episode Costume) Nardole Smile-Bill(Episode Costume) 2 Emojibots Empress of Mars-Irraxa and 2 Ice Warriors World Enough and Time-Bill In Hospital gown with Drip, 2 Patients(removable costume parts to show evolution stages) Jorj and Mr Razor/The Master. Headset accessory. The Doctor Falls-The Mondasian Cybermen: Updated Tenth Planet Cyberman 2011 Legion Cyberman Weapons Grade 2013 Cyberman The 3 Timelords-The Doctor, Missy and The Master Individual Figures: Bill(Smile Costume)Coming out soon The 12 Doctor(World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls Costume) Updated Tenth Planet Cyberman Legion Cyberman Weapons Grade Cyberman Nardole Surgeon(World Enough and Time) Nurse(World Enough and Time) Missy The Master(Including Exclusive Razor Figure)


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