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Finding Nemo Tsum Tsum Collection Review!


If you’re looking for a little adventure in the great big blue, the Finding Nemo collection of Tsum Tsums is for you.

This set includes some of Nemo’s school friends.  Pearl has a great expression on her face and is wonderfully squishy and pink.  Sheldon the seahorse has nice embroidered detail on his back and his little nose is adorable.  Speaking of adorable, this collection has Squirt!!!  His shell is decorated in flowers and I’m so glad this offspring can join his cool dad, Crush.

Are fish friends or food?  Just ask Bruce.  With his toothy smile, it’s hard to know what the answer might be.

The Gil tsum tsum really stays true to the character, down to his scars and his messed up fin.  Deb (or is it Flo?) is perfect in her simplicity and has a friendly expression on her face.  Nigel also has a fun expression through his embroidered eyes and is a perfect level of squishy.

However, my favorite of the group is the Darla Tsum Tsum.  She could not be more perfect.  From her freckles, to her skirt, to her braces, she is exactly the Darla we know from the movies.

This collection perfectly accents the Finding Dory collection and you can pick it up at your local Disney Store, or online at www.disneystore.com.

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