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Find Dory Tomorrow on Tsum Tsum Tuesday


If you’ve been looking for Dory, you’ll be able to find her and add 9 new tsum tsums to your collection.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.43.37 AM

You’ll see some familiar faces from Finding Nemo. Nemo the clown fish, and his dad Marlin join Dory the forgetful blue tang fish.  This time they’re not looking for Nemo, but instead searching for her family.

Mr. Ray the school teacher, and that awesome dude, Crush the turtle dive into the action along with our heroes.

Joining these favorites are some new faces:  Bailey, Destiny, Hank, and Baby Otter.  Bailey is a beluga whale with some echo-location issues and a flair for the dramatic.

Though her bad eyesight makes her feel a little ungraceful, Destiny the whale shark is still the biggest fish in the sea.

An octopus just looking for a little solitude, Hank really only has 7 tentacles.  Maybe we’ll learn what happened to the eighth.

As if an otter wasn’t already cute enough, Finding Dory gives us a baby otters. You otter pick one up.

Sail on into your local US Disney Store, or go to www.disneystore.com and get your collection tomorrow.

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  1. Does this May 17 release apply to just the US? As I was under the impression that the 17th the UK was seeing the Alice ones release?


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