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Feburary Tsum Tsum Subscription Review


Welcome to the return of the Tsum Tsum subscription and with that has come some changes. With this new subscription, each month can be different with four different possibilities, this makes each month even more of a surprise.   February’s Tsum Tsum subscription is starting to land in everyone’s home to “Rescue” you for those months that were Tsum Tsum free. When Disney initially put these up for sale they let us know what the first month’s would be with The Rescuers, but after this month we wont’t know what were getting til it gets to our houses.

This relaunch month is movie themed and super cute with Orville (small tsum) flying  Bernard and Miss Bianca (both micro) on his back. This set is really cute and really shows whats possible with the micro Tsum as a addition to size. I can easily see stringing it up and hanging it in a child’s room. All and all I am really excited about the possibilities of the new subscription. If I had any complaint, it would be that it doesn’t come in a window box any longer, making it tougher to display, but that’s me being a little nit-picky. I cant’ wait to see what the future month’s have in store for us.



If you want to get set up with the Tsum Tsum subscription (and you should cause there awesome and super cute) you can click here.


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