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Easter Tsum Tsum are Eggsellent!



It’s the first sign of Spring!  Tsum Tsum Tuesday came hopping in yesterday with a basket filled with Easter cuteness!


Mickey and Minnie sport bunny costumes with traditional gingham ears.  Mickey has a matching gingham bowtie and Minnie has a matching gingham bow, and of course they each have their own little fluffy cotton tails.


In my preview article, I thought that Pooh was a droopy eared bunny.  I’m happy to admit I was wrong,  he’s a sweet little sheep!.  His costume is covered in little woolen lumps, and his adorable sheep ears are a blue gingham.  Pooh also has a matching gingham bowtie.


No Easter collection would be complete without a little chick.  I love that the character they selected to be the chick was the Hundred Acre Woods own little rain cloud, Eeyore.  Now he’s a little ray of sunshine in his little yellow costume, complete with his own green gingham bowtie.

Just for the record, all the Tsum Tsums were loose in the basket, not connected.  If you’re a fan of Tsum Tsums and all things Spring, this is a must have collection for you!  You can hop on out to your local Disney Store, or order them online at disneystore.com.


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