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Dumbo Mine! Review of the new Dumbo Tsum Tsum Bag Set


Though I was slightly disappointed there was no pink elephant, I am in love with the Tsum Tsums from my Dumbo bag.  First and foremost, they are oh so squishy!!!  Squishy and soft.  That’s always a plus for me when it comes to Tsum Tsums.

Mrs. Jumbo is sweet in her little night cap with her rosy cheeks.  With her is baby Dumbo one of the cutest and squishiest Tsum Tsums ever.

Though still wonderfully simple, Clown Dumbo has his little hat and bow and a look on his face shows he probably isn’t too comfortable being a clown.

Then there’s my husband’s favorite, Timothy Mouse!  He’s so dapper in his uniform complete with it’s impressive hat.

If you love adorable and squishy Tsum Tsums, don’t wait, get this bag set.  You can pick it up at your local Disney Store, or at www.disneystore.com.


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