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Disney Tsum Tsum Minifigures Discovered at Toys R Us


While the Disney Tsum Tsum Minifigures have been out for a few weeks, it seemed as if the Tsum Tsum figures would only be available at Target Stores. However, a discovery by Disney Tsum Tsum – Buy Trade, Sell Member Mark-Christine Arevalo at a Toys R Us here in the US may change that thought. The 3-packs sell for $4.99 each which is the same price as the ones available at Target Stores. So, if you are still looking to the new Tsum Tsum Minifigures, be sure to check out your local Toys R Us store.



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  1. I work at a Toys R Us. When I saw these on our shelves I flipped out a bit. My manager informed me that while they didn’t know what else we would be getting, sometime this spring we will be having, as they put it, “a 4 foot section entirely devoted to Disney Tsum Tsum” worked into our floor plan. Fingers crossed that we will be getting in the plush. They carry them in UK TRU stores already.


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