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Disney Tsum Tsum Mini-Figures Series 3 to be Released in June?


This afternoon, EntertainmentEarth.com released pre-orders to retailers for Tsum Tsum Mini-Figures Series 3.  Series 3 looks to complete the Series 2 checklist by including the “Coming Soon” Vinyls as well as adding a few more figures to the line. While we don’t have a photograph at the moment, we do have what appears to be the checklist for the entire series.  The listing does have a “subject to change” tag, but this looks like what collectors will get when they are released within the next several months.


The Disney Tsum Tsum 3-Pack Mini-Figures Wave 3 Case includes 24 individually blind packaged packs, which may include the following characters (subject to change):
Alien, Snow White, Pinocchio
Tinkerbell, Tigger, Suzy
Baymax, Alien, Stitch
Lady, Ugly Duckling, Happy
Snow White, Stitch, Baymax
Happy, Iago, Lucky
Ugly Duckling, Alice, Tinkerbell
Jiminy, Genie, Jessie
Genie, Sadness, Alice
Suzy, Tinkerbell, Lady
Sebastian, Pinocchio, Genie
Lucky, Lady, Pluto
Jessie, Sebastian, Olaf
Bullseye, Happy, Miss Bunny
Iago, Miss Bunny, Mickey
Pinocchio, Pluto, Snow White
Sadness, Suzy, Jiminy
Miss Bunny, Baymax, Sadness
Fred, Mickey, Tigger
Alice, Olaf, Bullseye
Tigger, Bullseye, Sebastian
Olaf, Lucky, Ugly Duckling
Mickey, Jessie, Fred
Stitch, Jiminy, Alien
Pluto, Fred, Iago

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  1. In any new series . Could you add Tarzan . That will forever be my favorite movie . I would love it if you included them


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