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Disney Tsum Tsum Game Tips and Tricks: FEVER TIME


Disney Tsum Tsum Game Tips and Tricks: FEVER TIME by Christine Dixon

Fever time is awesome! It’s a great time to rack up points, since you get a “Fever Bonus” for each combination. Entering fever can also give you a few extra seconds to build your score, get a few more coins, or boost your combo.

Today’s tip is especially helpful for:

-Bingo Card 6, Mission 19, 23
-Bingo Card 5, Mission 10
-Bingo Card 4, Mission 14
-Bingo Card 3, Mission 16, 20
-Bingo Card 2, Mission 19
-Bingo Card 1, Mission 9, 14
-Daily missions

The key to entering fever is to clear as many Tsum Tsums as possible in a short amount of time. This is best done with a MyTsum whose skill automatically clears part of the board. When the game starts, clear Tsum Tsums as quickly as you can to fill up the fever bar at the bottom of the screen. Once the bar is full, you automatically enter fever. Take this first fever time to fill your MyTsum, but don’t use the skill until the fever bar is empty!
As soon as the fever time ends, use the skill and pop any bubbles on the board. This clears a lot of Tsum Tsums in much less time, which fills the fever bar faster.

The best way to get more fever time in a game is to save your skills and bubbles until the fever bar is empty, and clear chains of Tsum Tsums as fast as you can!
If you have a hard time telling when fever starts, look for the background to turn black and the “Fever Bonus” to appear at the top. If you play with the sound on, the music also speeds up when fever starts. Use the fever time to boost your score, and as always, remember to HAVE FUN!

Good MyTsums to use: Mickey, Goofy, Tigger, Roo, Stitch, Woody, Jessie, Mike, Sven, Ariel, Flounder, Tinkerbell, Pete, Belle (or any other Tsum Tsum that automatically clears part of the board)

Tip: If you’re struggling to get enough fevers to complete a mission, using +Time and +Bubble can be helpful!

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  1. Why can’t I get any new happiness tsum tsum anymore? Everytime, I try to purchase a new happiness tsum tsum, all the coins go to skills upgrade from the onest I alead have. It’s annoying. It’s been like this for months. If try to get new premium tsum tsum, I don’t get any problem on getting them. But the happiness? Specially Pooh… very hard.
    The game has some ways to keep you behind.

  2. What happened to the game, it used to be that my grandchildren could play. They loved earning the pins now the points have to get millions or have to get high amounts to get where they could earn the pins. Making it almost impossible to earn points to earn pins. Disappointing the grandchildren


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