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Detailed Pictures – Series 3 Tsum Tsum Jakks.


Series 3 is just starting to hit the stores, and we wanted to show you some detailed photos of the set. Each bag comes with one medium figure and a stack-able figure.


Who let the dogs out? I don’t know, but Pluto is super cute in his little dog house.

IMG_5910  IMG_5907  IMG_5906  IMG_5908


He’s late he’s late for a very important date no time to say hello, goodbye the White Rabbit is late he’s late, he’s late, he’s late!

IMG_5666  IMG_5668  IMG_5667  IMG_5669


Were not sure about our Care, but we definitely are satisfied with this awesome Baymax, he will compliment Hiro (Series 2)perfectly.

IMG_5649  IMG_5651  IMG_5650  IMG_5652


Patch, 2 down 99 to go!

IMG_5657  IMG_5659  IMG_5658  IMG_5660


Donald isn’t angry he is so happy to be here in the S.S. Miss Daisy’s sweet embrace.

IMG_5663  IMG_5665  IMG_5662  IMG_5909


Plenty of time for multiple kisses for this adorable Dopey!!!

IMG_5670  IMG_5672  IMG_5671  IMG_5673


Were All Mad for this super cute Alice and her bottle that urges her to “Drink Me”.

IMG_5674  IMG_5676  IMG_5675  IMG_5677


He may not walk very good, but Bambi The Great Prince of the Forest, will give you “doe eyes” for this Tsum.

IMG_5682  IMG_5684  IMG_5683  IMG_5685


It’s a Whole New World with this Jasmine Tsum and the ever valiant Magic Carpet.

IMG_5645  IMG_5647  IMG_5646  IMG_5648


You Got a Friend in Sheriff Woody to pair up perfectly with Buzz Lightyear (Series 2).

IMG_5678  IMG_5680  IMG_5679  IMG_5681


You Never Had a Tsum Like Genie, as he is glad to be out of that itty bitty living space and on your shelf.

IMG_5686  IMG_5688  IMG_5687  IMG_5689


Full of Pixie Dust Tinkerbell comes to the Tsum’s minis in all her sassy glory.

IMG_5653  IMG_5655  IMG_5654  IMG_5656

Which one is your favorite? What character are you hoping they will make next? As always stay tuned to www.disneytsumtsum.com for all your tsum tsum news.





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