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Detailed look at the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Tsum Tsum ‘Women of Power’ 9-pack! 


Marvel Tsum Tsum Vinyls have been hitting store shelves over the last several weeks.  While there’s a Classic Avengers and a Spider-Man 9-pack that was released at retailers, Walmart has their own 9-pack.  The new Walmart Exclusive ‘Women of Power’ 9-pack includes 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small vinyls.  Below are photos of the packaging, the vinyls and the Marvel series 2 checklist.  Also, there are three Vinyls in the set that have not been made into a plush yet.  Hopefully plush Tsum Tsums of Medusa, Ms. Marvel and Thor (Jane Foster) will be coming soon.  Be sure to stop by your local Walmart store and pick up all three 9-packs and add the newest Marvel Tsum Tsums to your collection.

Packaging photos 

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Individual photos

14628095_10209319543759051_659538840_n 14593522_10209319543919055_76741511_n 14642716_10209319543719050_1225506766_n 14628004_10209319544479069_1773217806_n 14610798_10209319544079059_580257139_n 14627786_10209319543599047_1141929176_n 14620161_10209319543559046_1238914225_n 14657677_10209319543519045_822341960_n 14625295_10209319543639048_188464071_n

Stacked photos 

14643060_10209319544559071_905396369_n 14593464_10209319544519070_1922302108_n 14627840_10209319544959081_1527970370_n

Marvel Series 2 Checklist 

14593241_10209319546119110_1482450303_n 14593489_10209319546399117_793148032_n 14593492_10209319545679099_1903319070_n 14657682_10209319545399092_1732322433_n 14642583_10209319545119085_920321687_n

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