Check out the New Disney Tsum Tsum Secret Marvel Mobile Accessories

A secret can make you feel excitement in your heart! The hero is out of the box as you open up the new Disney Tsum Tsum Marvel Secret Mobile Accessories featuring many Marvel heroes. There are 8 Marvel heroes featured in this collection. They include the founding member of the Avengers- Iron Man, the man with superhuman strength and agility- Spider-man, the hammer-wielding god-Thor, the patriotic super soldier- Captain America, the large green humanoid-Hulk, Natasha Romanoff also known as- Black Widow, expert marksman and master tactician- Rocket Raccoon, and the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor- Loki! It doesn’t matter which one you get because they are all MARVELous! Each one includes a strap and earphone jack. The New Disney Tsum Tsum Marvel Secret Mobile Accessories are currently only available in Japan at Disney Stores and online at Disney Store Japan.


Author: Jennifer

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