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Catch Experiment 624 and 626 on the Tsum Tsum Game


Say ALOHA to the NEW Hawaiian Stitch and Angel who just arrived to the U.S. Tsum Tsum Universe. These Lilo & Stitch characters are now available on Lucky Time until 9/6, 11:59pm (PDT).

Hawaiian Stitch loves to party the best way he knows how–with some limbo! This playful rascal “LEI”s the perfect setting for party games by clearing an arch of Tsum Tsums under the shady coconut trees. Grab a lei and join the luau!

Angel’s sweet singing lures out Stitch with heart-shaped eyes. For a few seconds, Angel’s skill turns all Tsum Tsums into either Angel or love-stricken Stitch. With only two Tsums Tsums on the board, she’s excellent for creating longer chains!

Article by: Jocelyn Sy

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