Capsule Update: UniBEARsity and more in the Disney Tsum Tsum Japan App!

Capsule Update: UniBEARsity in the Disney Tsum Tsum Japan App! By Nicole Hough

Mocha x1:

Try to draw the outline of the drawing when it disappears! Tsum Tsum will get cleared!


Whip x1:

Clears a bunch of Tsum Tsum at random!


Puffy x1:

Summons Whip Tsum Tsum and can be cleared with Puffy!


Alice x2:

A big Alice will appear in the center.


Dory x2:

Clears a Z-line of Tsum Tsum.


Pudding x1:

Clears Tsum Tsum in a heart shape.


Souffle x1:

Creates large Souffle Tsum Tsum!


Arlo x2:

Swipe to clear Tsum Tsum!


Max x2:

Clears a horizontal line of Tsum Tsum!


Mater x2:

Clears random Tsum Tsum!


If you get all the Tsum Tsum in the Pickup Capsule you will get the last prize: Skill Ticket!


Author: Nicole H.

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