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Capsule Update in the Disney Tsum Tsum App!


Capsule Update in the Disney Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

Pickup Capsule Update ‘Til 12/10, 11:59 PM (PST)

Get all 15 Tsum Tsum

New Tsum Tsum, Scrooge is here! Use him to take out December’s special event with ease!

Limited Pickup Capsules!

Scrooge x3:

Earn lots of coins by clearing a vertical line of Tsum Tsum!


Randall x1:

All Randall Tsum Tsum disappear for a short amount of time!


Nick Wilde x1:

Clears a bunch of Tsum Tsum at random!


Judy Hopps x1:

Clears center Tsum Tsum!


Genie x2:

Random effect!


Snow White  x2:

Tap the seven dwarves to clear Tsum Tsum!


Lightning McQueen x2:

Zooms in the direction of your first tap and clears Tsum Tsum!


Mater x3:

Clears random Tsum Tsum!


Tsum Tsum at Max Skill Level will be swapped out for Premium Tickets in the Pickup Capsules.

Last Prize!

If you draw all the Pickup Capsules, you’ll get the Last Prize!

Skill Ticket!

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