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Boo To You Halloween With New Reversible Disney Tsum Tsums


With Halloween around the corner there are many New Reversible Disney Tsum Tsums play with. The reversible Tsum Tsums are wearing Halloween costumes. It has fasteners on its stomach. If you open the fasteners you will be able to change your Halloween Tsum Tsum back to the basic original Tsum Tsum style we all know and love. There are 6 jack-o-lantern wearing Tsum Tsums. When unmasked you will find, winking Daisy Duck, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, squinting Donald Duck, Goofy, and Winnie the Pooh. When you uncover the black grinning face with pink stripes you’ll unveil the Cheshire Cat. There are 2 ghastly ghosts and when exposed you’ll reveal Chip N Dale. Finally when you unwrap the pumpkin you’ll expose a wide eyed Pluto. These New Reversible Disney Tsum Tsums are currently only available in Japan at Disney Stores and online at Disney Store Japan.


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