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Boba Fett Tsum Tsum Collection Confirmed for May the 4th Release in the US


Earlier today, Disney posted on the UK Disney Store site about the new Boba Fett Collection that would be released on May 4 (Star Wars Day).  The graphic wasn’t posted on the US Disney Store site, but we all assumed the collection would also be released in the US as well.  This afternoon a DisneyTsumTsum.com friend sent us a scan of the new Boba Fett May the 4th Collectibles that would be released next month at Disney Stores and on-line at Disneystore.com. Among the items in the flyer were the new Boba Fett Tsum Tsums.  Look for the newly designed mini Boba Fett, Medium Boba Fett and the Large Boba Fett to be released next month along with a number of other Boba Fett Collectibles.  Below is a look at the flyer as well as the graphic that was released earlier today.



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