Aloha ! The Wait is Over, Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums Have Arrived !

Surf’s Up !  New Tsum Tsum Tuesday is here and making a splash! Today, Disney released the new Lilo and Stitch mini Tsum Tsum plush collection. This set includes six 3 1/2 inch mini  plush characters  Lilo, Stitch, Angel, Ugly Duckling, Scrump, and Jumba. Stitch and Scrump were previously released.  These Hawaiian cuties retail for $4.95 each. They are available now online at and in select stores in the U.S.


Lilo and Stitch Fun Facts:

  1. Disney promoted the Lilo and Stitch animated movie with a series of trailers inserting Stitch into four previously released animated films (Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast)
  2. Nani has a Mulan poster on her bedroom wall.
  3. There is a Dumbo doll on the easel in Lilo’s bedroom.

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  1. Hi! Would it be possible to sell more lilo tsum tsum at the Disney store because I missed out on it and other characters like frozen, little mermaid, and inside out. I would really appreciate it. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you!!

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