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A Touch of Tsum Tsum Fantasy! A Review of the new Fantasyland Tsum Tsum Collection


After the initial confusion surrounding the release of the Fantasyland Tsum Tsums, I am happy to report that Once Upon a Toy at Disney Springs was fully stocked the day they were released in the parks.

This collection was full of Tsum Tsums I was really looking forward to.  I am happy to report that though the still have the very large tags, they were not awkwardly placed on the butts of the Tsum Tsums.  Though I am a fan of more embroidered detail, I loved the printed fabric of both the Hippo from It’s a Small World and the Teacup.  (The Teacup is so much cuter in person than in the pictures.)  The little boy from It’s a Small World didn’t have the hair sticking up issue that others reported when they ordered it from the app, so I’m wondering if that was a shipping thing.  I did have to fluff out his hat and Mickey’s hat, but once that was done, they were fine.  Jingles the Carousel horse is work of art.  He has lovely details and is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Though I’m still hoping for a full It’s a Small World collection, I really do like these Fantasyland Tsum Tsums. You can get them on the Shop Disney Parks at, or at www.disneystore.com.


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