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New Tsum Tsum Lottery Featuring New Collectibles starts March 26 in Japan


Spring has sprung with a number of Disney Tsum Tsum collectibles. Each of the new collectibles will be available via lottery.  Tickets will go on sale on March 26 for 620¥ each.  The tickets will reveal a letter that will correspond with one of the prizes.  For more information about the event, click here.  Otherwise take a look below at the many new collectibles available during the “Happy Sweets Time” event.

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For home accents, macaroon like pillows and decorative cookie style cushions are featured in these new collectibles. These pillows and cushions are cute and cuddly. They are also yummy to the eye and will brighten up any room in the house.

A – 3 Tier Donald Duck Macaroon Pillow



Single Donald Duck & Pooh Macaroon Pillows

1458026112805 (1)

Princess Cookie Cushion

1458025606231 (1) (2)

Mirror, mirror on the wall wouldn’t you love to use this scrumptious biscuit slide mirror. It is compact and will fit in any size handbag. It is also embellished with a purple bow and many of our Disney Tsum Tsum pals. Happy Sweets has also created Sweet Mood Body Creams in strawberry and citrus scents. They will keep your skin smooth and rejuvenated.

 Biscuit Mirror

1458025640433 (2)


Sweet Mood Body Creams

1458025729121 (2)

If you enjoy canning foods or collecting specialty mason jars, then the Happy Sweets Line Glass Jar Collection is perfect for you! Each glass jar comes in 2 different sizes, has a silver or gold lid and is accented with a Disney Tsum Tsums.

1458025729121 (1) (2)

Drinking tea can now be more enjoyable from this new Happy Sweets Line Strawberry Cupcake Mug. It comes with a lid that looks like a whipped cream mountain with tasty red strawberries on top.  A tea strainer is also included as an extra bonus. This mug looks good enough to eat!

1458025640433 (1) (2)

The Happy Sweets Time also features other items for personal use. (On the left) Disney Tsum Tsum Die Cut Memo Pads to write a quick note to a friend or loved one. (In the middle) 3 different fashion handkerchiefs with Disney Tsum Tsums embroidered on each of them. To add appeal to any necklace, several stylish cookie charms are offered in the Happy Sweets Line too.(on the right)


Rememebr, these are available begining on March 26 via the Tsum Tsum lottery.


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