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A Look at the New Tsum Tsum Sandals from GraceGift!


Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean we have to leave our Disney Tsum Tsums at home. You can now take your love for all things Disney Tsum Tsum on your walks around a Disney Park, a sandy beach of your choice, or just a stroll around your own hometown. These are the perfect accessory of Disney Tsum Tsums for us all. Today, we have a shoe collection to share with you that was released on June 29, 2016 and also a preview of an upcoming collection that is set to be released on July 12, 2016. These cute shoes are from a company in Taiwan called Grace Gifts. We have shown you a previous release of some flat tsum tsum shoes that they have released. You can look up there website here Gracegift.com.


Released on June 29 we can all agree these are the cutest cork shoes and very similar to birkenstocks. You will have the choice between 8 different patterns, and you may have a very difficult time choosing just one. Can you say multiples? Yes Please! You will also be able choose between lightcolors and or the always
popular black. Prices are $49.02 (1580 TWD)

Styles are as follows:

1.Black (Monsters Inc)
2.Sandy (Lilo & Stitch )
3.Pink (Marie & Dumbo )
4.Pastel Blue (Donald & Daisy )
5.Brown (Chip & Dale)
6. White (Mickey & Minnie)
7.Beige (Eeyore, Piglet,Pooh)
8 Denim Blue (Lotso, Buzzlightyear)

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Releasing on July 12, 2016 is a slightly heeled flip flop. Perfect to put a little pep in your step. With 10 different selections to choice from you might just have to buy a a few pairs. In two different patterns with 6 different colors you’re sure to find your favorite pair. Each pair also comes with a mini tsum tsum buckle clip to sweeten the deal. Each set comes with a free Disney Tsum Tsum eco reusable bag and a water bottle, for your Summer travels. Priced at $27.30 (880 TWD) and currently available for pre-order and goes on sale July 12.

Available in the polka dot pattern

Black (Lilo & Stitch)
Pink (Donald, Daisy & Dumbo)
White (Mickey & Minnie)
Blue (Buzz Lightyear & Monster Inc)
Brown (Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet) White (Mickey & Minnie)

Avaible in the tsum tsum filled pattern

Black (Mickey & Minnie)
Pink (Marie)
Brown (Chip & Dale)
Yellow (Pooh & Tigger)
Blue (Anna & Olaf)

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These are currently only available online for the lucky Taiwan market. For those of us in other countries we will have to either head to the secondary market, or hope that they will eventually ship worldwide. Till then will just admire the cuteness and keep you updated.




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