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A Look at the new Disney Tsum Tsum 2-packs by LipSMACKERS


Winter is here and LipSmacker is giving us some way too cute two packs to keep your lips soft and safe this winter. Many of these characters and flavors have been released on there own, but its nice to have a two pack of our favorite characters and a slightly lower price as well.

First is Mickey and Minnie, with Mickey being the marshmallow flavor  and Minnie being strawberry lollipop flavor.

Joining forces against chapped lips is Olaf and Cheshire Cat, they are sure to make the cold dryness of winter a thing of the past. Olaf is the flavor of icy-truffle and Cheshire Cat is Plumberry-Wonderland. (Warm hugs optional)

Not to be out done on the cuteness scale or flavor are Marie and Dumbo sure  stack up high on your list of favorites. Flavors include Marie’s Love in Pear-y flavor and Dumbo’s Peanut Butter Shake flavor.

Reminiscent of your favorite flavors of the Fall and Winter Holidays Sally brings Peppermint Candy Corn flavor and Jack with Pumpkin(Fitting) Spice Latte flavor, take you back to a more cozy memory.

Which ever one is your favorite, LipSmackers is sure offering a great deal in these two packs of Tsum Tsum cuteness. You can get yours online by clicking here. Stay tuned to www.disneytsumtsum.com , as we keep you up to date on these and all your Tsum Tsum news.




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