A look at the Jakks Pacific Disney Tsum Tsum Series 9 Checklist!

Disney Tsum Tsum Series 9 3-packs by Jakks Pacific have started to surface just in time for Christmas.  Just like previous releases, a checklist has been included in each 3-pack revealing the Tsum Tsums that can be found in series 9.  Below is a look at the checklist which feature new Tsum Tsums of Aurora, Pongo, Cogsworth, Darla, Flower, Steamboat Willie Mickey, Faline, Dot, Lightning McQueen, Steamboat Willie Minnie, Dr. Finkelstien, Sally, Sleepy, Tramp, Max, Mike with Hardhat, Wall-E and Tomatoa.  Also in series 9 is a medium Black and White Tsum Tsum of Dale and Silver Tsum Tsums of Mickey and Baymax.

Look for these new Tsum Tsums at your local Toys’R’Us, Target and other retailers very soon!

Photo credit:Disney Tsum Tsum – Buy, Trade, Sell member Jewel Moon

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