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A Look at the Covers for the upcoming Marvel Tsum Tsum #2 and #3 Comics!


We made a long-awaited stop by our local comic shop earlier tonight to pick up the much-anticipated Marvel Tsum Tsum #1. The comic was great and it was interesting how they brought the Tsum Tsums into the Marvel Universe. Of course that has led to collectors, including ourselves, looking ahead to the next issuesof the comics. Issue #2 will be released Sept. 7 and #3 will be released Oct. 26. So far, previews of the regular covers for issues #2 and #3 have been released, as well as one of the variants for issue #3. We are sure more previews of variants, especially the issue #2 connecting variant, will be released very soon. As always stay tuned for more information and previews.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #2


Marvel Tsum Tsum #3


Marvel Tsum Tsum #3 Variant Cover


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