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A look at a 2nd Version of the new Disney Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Day Cards


A stop by a Dollar General Store has revealed a 2nd version of the new 2017 Disney Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Day Cards.  The first verison we found featured Cards, Tattoos and one set of designs, but this new set features just cards and the designs are different.  At this time we are not sure which stores will be carrying which version, but just not that WalMart is carrying a 3rd version.  So, if you’d like for you or your kids to be giving Tsum Tsum Valentines this year, there are a number of different options to give a variety of different cars.  Below is a look at the Dollar General/Cards Only version of the 2017 Disney Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Day Cards.

Front of the Box

Back of the Box

Card Designs

A look at the new Tsum Tsum Valentines Merchandise at Walmart

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