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A Frightfully Exciting Tsum Tsum Tuesday!


The villains are taking over Tsum Tsum Tuesday tomorrow and it promises to be a a frightfully exciting collection!

If you’re looking for a double dose of evil, you can find it with Maleficent in person and as a dragon.   Jafar is ready to take his place in the lamp as the evil genie. Keep your puppies close by because it looks like Cruella is on the prowl, but watch out that you don’t get turned into a frog by Dr. Facilier.  At least as a frog you keep to keep your voice, Ursula will take that and what ever else she needs to get what she wants.  If your looking for comfort from all this evil, don’t look to Lady Tremaine or the Evil Queen from Snow White, these two aren’t the motherly kind of stepmothers.

If you want to add some evil to your collection tomorrow’s your day.  Order these villains online at www.disneystore.com or pick them up at your local Disney Store.

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