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999 Happy Haunts Give us 7 Delightful Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums


Based on the famous Disney attraction, Haunted Mansion, the newest Disney Parks Tsum Tsums features 6 ghosts and a ride attendant.



The hostess is ready to welcome you to the Mansion.  She’s dressed as a maid and her hat has echoes of a bat.


The three hitchhiking ghosts are ready to follow you home.  These Tsum Tsums are entirely shades of “ghost” blue with white highlights including the tufts of their hair.  Each of these hitchhikers show off their ghostly personality and have fun little details mirroring the characters of the ride.


The viking opera singer is my surprise favorite.  I love her fun facial expression and I’m glad that they added a character that is often overlooked.  Every time I see her in the ride, I think of the old saying, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”.  Indeed, the ride is soon over after her scene.


The bride is breaks from the ghostly color palette with the black roses that accent her wedding veil.  Her facial expression shows that she’s ready for her next groom.  Would you like to propose?


Another ghost that breaks with the blue ghost pattern is Madame Leota.  She has a purple shawl that is accented with brown leather fringe.  This wise woman is ready to gaze into her crystal ball for you.

Overall, this group is the most stuffed of the park Tsum Tsums, because of this, they appear bigger than the others.  For those “die-hard” Haunted Mansion fans, this collection is a must.  Bring them home by purchasing them on the Shop Disney Parks app, at the parks, or at www.disneystore.com.

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