5 Days Only: Pickup Capsule in the Disney Tsum Tsum App!

5 Days Only: Pickup Capsule in the Disney Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

This pickup capsule goes until 9/13!

The Tsum Tsum in this capsule are:

Lilo x1:

Erases 1 type of Tsum Tsum!


Suprise Elsa x2:

Tap the snowgies to clear surrounding Tsum Tsum!


Birthday Anna x2:

Elsa Tsum Tsum that can be connected to Anna Tsum Tsum appear! Elsa helps clear surrounding Tsum Tsum.


Olaf x1:

Clears a diagonal line of Tsum Tsum!


Sven x2:

Clears a horizontal line of Tsum Tsum!


Cinderella x1:

For a short time you can connect different Tsum Tsum and clear them!


Fairy Godmother x1:

Cinderella Tsum Tsum appear that can be connected to Fairy Godmother Tsum Tsum! Cinderella helps to clear surrounding Tsum Tsum.


Randall x1:

All Randall Tsum Tsum disappear at once!


Clarice x2:

Turns an entire row into Chip and Dale Tsum Tsum! They can be cleared with Clarice!


Sebastian x1:

Clears Tsum Tsum at random!


Miss Bunny x1:

Random bubbles will appear.


Tsum Tsum at Max Skill Level will be swapped out for Premium Tickets in the Pickup Capsules.

If you draw all the Pickup Capsules, you’ll get the last prize! Skill Ticket!

Author: Nicole H.

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