4 Days Only: Pickup Capsules in the Disney Tsum Tsum App!

4 Days Only: Pickup Capsules in the Disney Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

4 Days Only! Pickup Capsules! ‘Til 7/8, 11:59! Get all 15 Tsum Tsum! Lilo from Lilo and Stitch appears for the first time in a Pick-Up Capsule!
Limited Pickup Capsules!

Lilo x1: Lilo dances across the screen and Tsum Tsum are cleared!

Belle x1: Belle dances with the Beast and Tsum Tsum are cleared!

Beast x1: Beast swipes with his claw and Tsum Tsum are cleared!

Genie x2: Genie is a special Tsum Tsum! His skills are random you never know what you are going to get.

Hawaiian Stitch x2: Tsum Tsum are cleared in a half circle shape!

Angel x2: Tsum Tsum all turn into Angel and Stitch for a short amount of time and can be connected together!

Arlo x2: Spot and Arlo walk across the screen and clear Tsum Tsum together!

Cheshire Cat x2: The Cheshire cat’s smile comes onto the screen along with its tail and its tail swipes Tsum Tsum away!

White Rabbit x2: Clocks appear on the screen and you can clear long chains of Tsum Tsum quickly.

Tsum Tsum at max skill level will be swapped out for Premium Tickets in the Pickup Capsules. If you draw all the Pickup Capsules you’ll get the last prize: Skill Ticket!


Author: Nicole H.

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